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Floid Pre-Shave Oil

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Floid Pre-Shave Oil

The best option for a perfect shave!Floid Pre-Shave Oil is suitable for any type of beard or skin, particularly rough beards and sensitive skin.Its transparent formula allows for a visibly close shave, providing excellent lubrication, minimal irritation, and moisturizing the skin.

(50ml/1.7oz). Made in Spain.


Wet your face with warm water. Apply at least 10 drops of oil in your hand and massage onto your beard. Tighten your skin and shave using short strokes. Rinse the blade often to reactivate the lubricating effect. May be used against the grain.

About Floid:

Since 1932,Floid has been the men's grooming brand that has best known how to understand real men. Because unlike others, Floïd has spent its entire life creating products just for him, with all the qualities that a man demands:quality and convenience.

And nearly 80 years later, Floïd continues to be a prototype of character, authenticity, originality and elegance.