eShave Shaving Soap w/Bowl - Linden, Avocado Oil

eShave Shaving Soap is triple milled with extra rich vegetal base, it's traditional, but with a modern twist. This shave soap comes with a shaving bowl and will:

- Leave your skin feeling smooth and soft

- Provide a long lasting, highly moisturized shave

- Generate a very rich lather with a shaving brush

Available in 2 scents. eShave shave soap is 100% Natural.

The soap bowl for the ê Shave Soap will not rust over time. Refills for the soap bowl are available.

Shaving Soap Benefits: You get a close shave with style and tradition.

Product Tip: A 3.5 oz ê Shave Soap can last 7-9 months when used with a brush !

Shave Tip: Use a moistened ê Badger Shave Brush to generate a rich lather.

3.5 oz/ 100 g

Made in U.S.A.