Dovo Twin Nail Clippers in Black Leather Pouch

This nail clipper set from Dovo is excellent for travelling, to keep in the purse, or just to have around the home. Kept in a beautiful leather case, the set includes two nail clippers: one large and one small. Both clippers are crafted from high quality German steel which gives them amazing edge retention capabilities. This is important, as they are very difficult to re-sharpen. They are also chrome-plated to add a durable layer of moisture resistance. These clippers have been hand-finished at their home factory in Solingen for a clean, precise cut right out of the box.

From the finest leather to the finest edge, this Dovo grooming kit is hand-selected, hand-crafted, and hand-checked to ensure that only the best tools make their way into your hands. You'll have these tools serving you for a long time. With its sturdy leather construction, even the case will likely last a lifetime as well. Using the finest in German steel, each implement will hold the remarkable edge that was hand-finished in Germany for unsurpassed sharpness. You'll never want for another tool. For the best, choose Dovo!


-Finger Nail Clipper

-Toe Nail Clipper

Made in Solingen, Germany