Dovo Solingen Strop 23" Long w/Handle

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Video: How to Strop a Straight Razor

One of my personal favorites, the Russian Leather Strop from Germany made by Dovo Solingen. In most cases it's true, you get what you pay for! In this case there is no better leather out there, with it's micro polished finished you feel every molecule when stropping your Straight Razor. Most when learning about Straight Razor assume that 3" Wide is the best, when in fact that is not true. Yes it might be easier at first but the best stropping comes from under 2 1/2" width because it concentrates the stropping on a smaller part of the blade insuring that you get the entire bevel each and every time. All honemeisters like myself in time end up using the smaller width strops. But at the same time the 3" still do a great job. It is all a matter of preference. So which ever strop you pick from The Classic Edge Shaving Store you cannot go wrong and I personally test and use every strop available to my clients.

Features a metal swiveling loop for hanging and a comfortable handle for holding during the stropping process.

Total length: Approx. 25.98", Width: Approx. 1.88"

Made in Solingen, Germany by DOVO