Dovo Inox 5/8 Straight Razor with Stainless Steel Scales

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This Inox 5/8" Stainless Steel Straight Razor from Dovo is one of my personal favourites, and would make an excellent addition to any collectors shaving rotation!

The blade and handle this Inox model boasts are made from only top grade surgical stainless steel; allowing this incredible straight razor to effortlessly achieve the highest degree of hardness and resistance to wear. So basically, the edge will not only last longer than a Carbon Steel blade, but it will not rust as easily. Blades like this require an exceptional level of care to produce, and can take longer to hone and strop in order to bring it to that perfect edge. Keep in mind, this combination of blade and scales makes this razor slightly heavier than other models. 

Like any other razor sold by The Classic Edge Shaving Store, this razor is professionally honed to "shave ready" by Phil. This $25 Value is our way of showing you that we are willing to take our Customer Service to the next level. After all, nothing is worse than buying a Straight Razor as a gift for a loved one, only for them to open the box and realize that they now have to send it away to be sharpened before they can use it. Also included is a free follow up honing that can be used once your razor is in need of a fresh edge.

Please allow a minimum of at least 2-3 business days for us to prepare your Straight Razor, as this is not a product that you buy just anywhere. It needs special attention to detail as it will come in contact with your skin, and must be sanitized and polished before being coated with Renaissance Wax. This careful and considerate attention to each razor is the difference between a shaving store that will rush your razor out the next morning, and our own Artisan-owned shaving store that is nothing less than extreme when it comes to making their clients 100% satisfied. It's our job to ensure that your experience is perfect. We cannot thank you enough for visiting our website, and we hope you have a great day.

Note: When you receive the razor for the first time, carefully take it out of the box and remove the oil with a piece of tissue. The razor has already been stropped and it completely "Shave Ready", so go ahead and shave! You will get 2 shaves before needing to strop (depending on how aggressive your beard growth is. Each time you have used your razor, rinse the blade with hot tap water. Carefully and thoroughly dry the blade and in between the scales with a piece of tissue paper before you close it. We recommend to oil your razor after every use. To maintain a sharp cutting edge, strop regularly prior to shaving.

Grind: Full Hollow

Blade Width: 5/8

Point: Round

Metal: Stainless Steel

Handle: Stainless Steel

Made in Solingen, Germany by Dovo