Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett's Finest Hand Crafted Mach3 Razor

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Captain Fawcett’s preferred safety razor was invented in that most innovative golden age we now know as the Edwardian Era. This premium shaving device has been brought completely up to date with the introduction of this beautifully crafted razor. You will discover that the Captain’s perfectly balanced razor ensures a quite magnificent shave and is simply a delight to use.

Not all men can get behind the joys of a double-edge safety razor, which is why Captain Fawcett's "Finest Hand Crafted Mach3 Razor" is an excellent alternative for the gentlemen we're still trying to convince.

This lush, imitation-ivory handle is Mach3 compatible. It sturdily holds cartridges in a chrome collar and moves every stroke with style, comfort, and accuracy.

For a product that bears traditional beauty and superb functionality, Captain Fawcett's "Finest Hand Crafted Mach3 Razor" is an excellent investment for men who prefer cartridge razor shaving.

Handcrafted in the United Kingdom