Böker Solingen

Boker Magnum Micro Pearl Stockman Pocket Knife

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Note from Phil:  We recently received an email from a wonderful lady, letting us know that she had made a mistake, and bought this beautiful knife thinking it was the size of a standard Boker. Of course, we offered her a no questions asked return, but she decided to keep the knife regardless, simply because of its incredible beauty. I hate when I go to any website, and they mislead me into believing a product is something that it's not, and I leave feeling lied to. So I would like to add to this description. Yes, this knife is eye candy, and made with the highest Boker standards, but keep in mind it is a small knife; fully open, with both blades extended, it measures close to 5". Enjoy your shopping experience with The Classic Edge and if you ever need any help our number is 416-574-1592.  Never feel like you cannot talk to us, you are all that matters when dealing with us, and it's our job to make every experience a wonderful one. Thanks for visiting our small family run business!

This refined and extraordinary pocketknife impresses not just with its sheer size but also its exquisite appearance. The dual bolster knife has mother of pearl scales which are cleanly fit to the bolsters. The blade is made from 440A steel and has no lock, the traditional way (slip joint).

  • Type: Pocket Knife
  • Overall Length: 4.88 in
  • Blade Length: 1.30 in
  • Blade Thickness: 0.05 in
  • Weight: 0.67 oz
  • Blade Material: 440A
  • Handle Material: Pearl

Made in Asia