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Böker Solingen

Boker Herr Feldmann 6/8 Barber's Notch Straight Razor

Boker Herr Feldmann 6/8 Barber's Notch Straight Razor

Mr. Feldmann - Barber from Mönchengladbach is the name and idea behind this Böker razor. Already it's wonderful name "Herr Feldmann | Barbier - Frisör - Zweithaar" differs from the usual.

The blade, which has a Barber's Notch and a serration on both sides, is ground extra hollow with a wall. In addition to the 6/8 inch wide blade, Alexander Feldmann's favourite knife impresses with two further highlights: The blade is etched in red and is also provided with a fine engraving.The handle made of burl birch has a sensational grain and pacts with the red blade etching.

With authentic Böker stamp in the blade passage, certificate of authenticity and historical packaging. Handmade in the Böker knife manufactory Solingen.

Like any other razor sold by The Classic Edge Shaving Store this razor is professionally honed to "shave ready" by Phil, we do this because the standard factory edge is not sharp enough to shave with out of the box. This $35 Value is our way of showing you that we are willing to take our Customer Service to the next level. After all nothing is worse than buying a Straight Razor as a gift for a loved one and when they open the box realize that they now have to send it away to be sharpened before they can use it.

Note: When you receive the razor for the first time, take it out of the box and remove the oil with a piece of tissue, the razor has already been stropped and it is completely "Shave Ready", so go ahead and shave. You will get 2 - 3 shaves before needing to strop. Each time you have used your razor, rinse the blade with hot tap water. Carefully and thoroughly dry the blade and in between the scales with a piece of tissue paper before you close it. If you intend to leave your razor unused for several days, oil the blade using mineral oil to protect the surface from moisture and humidity. To maintain a sharp cutting edge, strop regularly prior to shaving.

About Boker Manufaktur Solingen

Since the beginning of the Boker manufacturing plant in 1869, high quality straight razors have been produced in Solingen, Germany. At that time, they were already focused on the usage of nothing less than the best in materials, and it was of the utmost importance to maintain the highest production standards available. With that background, the success came quickly, and this gave Boker straight razors an impeccable international reputation. After World War II, the manufacturing of straight razors gradually came to a stop. Today, an original Boker catalog from 1906 is the oldest document in our archives about the razor blade product line of that time. More than 100 years later, a new lineup is being manufactured in Solingen, reviving the old tradition. Through 170 individual production steps, the new and exclusive Boker straight razors are created. A guarantor for the highest quality is the successful "fingernail test". Only the edge of a perfectly ground blade can be visibly bent on your thumbnail and returns immediately to its original shape when released. Cheap blades are too thick to do this, and for that reason they are referred to as "axes" by the experts.

Metal: Carbon Steel

Colour:  Brown

Point:  Barber's Notch

Handle Material: Curly Birch Wood

Made in Solingen, Germany by Böker