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Classic Edge Shaving

Black Bridle 2" Paddle Strop w/Balsa

Double Sided Paddle Strop

Finally we have the Paddle Strop we have been looking for. Simple, efficient and easy to use.Approx.17" long, 12" long of stropping area and 2" wide. The "X" Pattern technique is easy to do on this paddle strop since its is nearly the width of the blade and it's on a flat surface which is easier to strop on. Easy to hold and amazing quality that you will see the second you open the box. I have been testing my sample strop for 3 months and cannot live without it now. Remember you do not need any strop paste for the Leather as it is pre-treated. With English Bridle, if you ever find it sticky just rub the leather down with a tissue and it will smooth it down. Thanks so much for visiting our website and have a wonderful day!

Overall Length: 17"

Stropping Surface: 2" x 12"

Colour: Black

Kind Regards,
Phil and Jane