Ashcroft Collection

Ashcroft Strop Hanger

These beautiful Strop Hangers are made from Ash, stained to give an antique look and are finished with multiple coats of urethane, and then a final buffing with furniture polish. The hook, its retaining screws and the mounting hole plugs are all made from stainless steel. The distance between the mounting holes is 4 1/2" and the screws for mounting the hanger to the wall are #8.

We recommend that the hanger is mounted to a wall stud or solid surface but if this is not practical, alternative screws and wall plugs have been provided. Our preferred height is that the hook should be mounted at or just above elbow level.

After mounting the plate to the wall, the stainless-steel hole plugs need to be pressed into the mounting hole recesses. If a hammer is used to tap them in, a piece of scrap wood should be used as a cushion to prevent damage to the stainless-steel surface.

*Note: Hanging Strop not included

Height: 6 1/2"  /  Width: 3.9"

Made in Canada