Arius Eickert Gemini 21 Tooth Blender w/ Offset Handles

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Arius-Eickert Professional Convex Scissors are some of the finest made fair cutting tools in the world, they have scissor factories in both Solingen, Germany and in Fremont, Ohio USA. Manufactured out of alloyed 440 Stainless Steels, quad heat and ice tempered for maximum hardness and toughness. Made to the highest standards demanded by professionals worldwide! The edged are convex for razor sharpness, hollow ground and triple honed! Super smooth runs, with no drop, low fiction and sound. Perfect for all cutting styles including slide cutting, wisping, layer cutting and detailing.

Offset Handles:

Hairdressers suffer unnecessarily from the effects of cutting hair. Offset handles help prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and increase comfort by relaxing your elbow downward, leveling your wrist in a more neutral cutting position while limiting flexing of the wrist. Wrist motion is thereby reduced as well as the pressure on the Median Nerve.

Hand Honed sharpened gives a keen edge to a cutting tool.


Size: 5.5 Length

Teeth: 21

Blade: Honed

Handle: Offset

Tension: Adjustable Screw