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William Rogers & Co Sheffield 6/8 Straight Razor & Strop Set

Classic Edge Shaving

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Vintage Straight Razor Shave Ready & Strop

Made in Sheffield England, this vintage 6/8" Mirror Finish Carbon Steel razor is dated back to 1920 to 1930.  As you can see in the pictures it is important for us to really show those flaws by using more light than normal. This way when you receive your razor you are pleasantly surprised thinking "Hey the flaws are not as bad as in the photo's!" We like to under promise and over deliver. The scales are original Bakelite in great condition. This is a true gem, just down right beautiful. Expect this shave to be amazing, which is to be expected from a Sheffield Straight Razor.

Included in this starter set is a 3" Wide Corium Board Strop, which is as good as it gets when it comes to the feedback and quality, part of "The Ashcroft" brand. Easy to use and made with hard wood. Oiling your razor is very important so please do not forget to oil your razor after every shave, and to make this easy we included a travel oil at no extra cost.

As a small family run business we take great pride not only in our Customer Service but our Craftsmanship. What sets us apart from other shaving stores?  Other vendors state that their razors are "Shave Ready" from the factory, when in fact they are not. We professionally sharpen each razor with a progression of 1K to 12K followed by extremely low Micron abrasives like Iron Oxide, Chromium Oxide and Diamond.   Also included is a FREE follow up honing, now this is NOT a gimmick to sell razors...This is our way to get you to continue to use your razor, because if you continue to use your razor there is the future possibility that you will make purchases from us again. It's a mutual friendship and our job is to help you on your journey to becoming an experienced Straight Razor Shaver. Also remember our "No questions asked" return policy. At The Classic Edge you are what counts, because without you there would be no Classic Edge!  

Straight Razor orders are special compared to other orders, which is why we ask that you wait an extra 1 - 2 days for us to prepare your razor. This is not something you want rushed, as there are many more steps involved in making sure your razor is not only "Crazy Sharp" but also 100% Bacteria FREE!  Would you rather buy from a store that ships out the same day and get a razor that was not sanitized and sharpened?  Nothing is worse that receiving a Straight Razor as a gift and then finding out that you have to send it away to be sharpened for $30 plus shipping!  We cannot thank you enough for visiting our online store and hope you have a wonderful day!

Grind: Half Hollow

Metal: Carbon Steel

Point: Square

Handle: Original Bakelite

Country: Sheffield England

Kind Regards,
Phil & Jane

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