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NOS Le Moulin 6/8 Straight Razor

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German Straight Razor

Here we have a Full Hollow Swedish Steel piece of art from Solingen Germany, made around 1950.  99% of Vintage Straight Razors today are used and in poor condition, which makes you wonder what they would look like when they were new. If you were to take a time machine back to 1950 and walk into a Barber Shop to buy a Straight Razor, this is what it would look like.  New Old Stock means never honed or shaved with. Kept in a collection for the past 60 years, I was able to obtain this beautiful razor, now available to you. The scales are original Faux Ivory Celluloid in perfect condition with a brass Bolster on the face of the scales.

Like all Straight Razor's sold by The Classic Edge, we will hone it for you at no charge. Also included is a follow up honing that can be used at anytime!  Thanks so much for checking out our online store, you are what makes the Classic Edge what it is. 

6/8 Le Moulin Straight Razor

Blade: Square Point, Swedish Steel

New Old Stock, Mint Condition.

Scales: Original Celluloid Warp Free.

Made in Solingen Germany

Kind Regards,
Phil Sanchez

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