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NOS Koyei Straight Razor, Made in Japan

Product Code: NOS-KOY
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Japanese Straight Razor

I have been holding on to this beautiful razor for years, not wanting to sell it..... Unfortunately for me Jane is in charge of sales and sometimes goes through my personal collection to pull out some stock. Please do not buy this!!!  Jokes aside this is as good as it gets when it comes to Japanese razors. Japanese razors are known to have terrible poorly made scales, which is why this Straight Razor is way above the rest.  Quarter Hollow Ground with a High Gloss Satin Finish, it will take on a KILLER edge. Well balanced and made in the 1950's, this razor will only gain in value over time.

Like all Straight Razor's sold by The Classic Edge, we will hone it for you at no extra charge. However when it comes to any high priced collectibles like this one, make sure that is what you really want!  Some may just want to put this in a Gold Glass box and display it over the fireplace, and yes I am one of those. For those of you that can afford to shave with such an irreplaceable piece of history, all the power to you, and I only ask that you give me your review on the shave! Thanks so much for checking out our online store, you are what makes the Classic Edge what it is. 

6/8 Koyie Straight Razor

Blade: French/Square Hybrid Point, Carbon Steel

New Old Stock, Mint Condition.

Scales: Original Celluloid Warp Free.

Made in Japan

Kind Regards,
Phil Sanchez

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