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"Therese" 6/8 Straight Razor NOS

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Vintage Straight Razor "NOS"
French Craftsmanship at it's best. Stamped tangs, perfect grinds and beautiful scales are now rare and hard to find in NEW condition.  Here we have a New Old stock 6/8 Therese French Straight Razor that will be the pinnacle of your shaving experience. Carbon Steel and Full Hollow Ground with a round point, this razor will hold an edge that will scare the hairs off your face. Imagine a shave where you hear every hair cut, almost like when you butter your burnt toast. Effortless, smooth and the only way you know you are actually cutting hair is from the sound. Matched with Black Bakelite Scales, you will feel the perfect balance of old Craftsmanship that can not be copied today. 
Like any high end collectible we ask that you advise us on whether you would like the original factory edge or made "Shave Ready"  If you trust us to take on this special privilege we will take great care to insure this edge is perfect in every way. A final polishing will be done after honing to give this razor the shine it had the day it came out of the factory. Also keep in mind that we give a Complimentary Follow Up Honing at no extra charge which can be used at anytime. Basically a day at the Razor Spa! Please keep ind mind how important maintenance is for your irreplaceable Straight Razor, and for this we always recommend Straight Razor Oil. Strops are also part of this amazing Art and a good strop is more important that you think, so check out our Strop Section for your strop needs.
The Classic Edge is a family run business that believes in making you the all important client come first, and insure that you are 100% satisfied with each and every transaction.  To set ourselves apart from the competition, we professionally sharpen every razor to "Shave Ready" and supply a ticket for a free follow up Sharpening Service at no extra charge. This is not a gimmick to sell more razors, but in fact a way to help grow the world of straight razor shavers by aiding in the art of stropping. Learning to strop takes time and when you dull your razor prematurely during the learning process we assist you by re-honing your razor at no charge. The Classic Edge is owned by a Professional Honer and Artisan which has many years experience in the Art of Straight Razor Honing, Restoration and Manufacture. So there is no question or process we cannot help you with. Thank you for visiting our online store and we hope you have a wonderful day!
Grind: Full Hollow 6/8
Point: Round
Scales: Black Bakelite 
Country: France
Year: 1940 to 1950
Note: Made "Shave Ready" at no extra charge
Kind Regards,
Phil & Jane

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