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Robert Williams 7/8 Custom Straight Razor Spanish Point w/ Dark Red Micarta Scales


Product Code: RW-7/8-RD-SP
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Custom Straight Razor

It is our pleasure to introduce this breath taking Robert William's Custom Straight Razor.  This monster is a 7/8's that is just shy of 8/8's, quarter hollow with a satin finish Robert's razors are known for having one of the best possible shaves in the Custom Razor World. Fit with Dark Red Micarta Scales that are perfectly balanced to the blade, this is what it's all about when it comes to high end shavers.  Robert is one of the original Custom Razor makers from the USA and has a proven track record. But most importantly he takes extreme pride in his work and stands behind it 100%. Many custom razor makers make beautiful razors, but only a small hand full actually make great shavers.
For those new to Straight Razor Shaving we always recommend to use Straight Razor Oil with your Carbon Steel razor as they are susceptible to oxidizing/rusting if not dried after each shave and oiled. When you receive your Straight Razor from The Classic Edge there are some things to keep in mind. As soon as you open the box, we recommend highly that you do NOT strop your Straight Razor. Just take it out of the box and run some hot tap water over the blade to remove some of the oil, then dry your razor with toilet paper careful to not touch the edge. Now your razor is ready to shave.  What not to do!  Do not test the sharpness of a Straight Razor by touching the edge with your finger! Why? A Straight Razor is a fine instrument which can be dulled quit easily. They are meant only to shave with and cutting paper or testing the edge is a quick way to dull the razor. If you have never honed a razor before we recommend you get us to hone it for you. But if you do want to learn you may choose to buy a cheap practice razor from a Antique Store or a Gold Dollar Straight Razor. The last thing you want to do is ruin this beautiful piece of Art.
Keep in mind that learning to use a Straight Razor can take some getting used to and is not something you get off the first try, so expect a little of a learning curve and know that your skin takes time to adjust to a single blade. Technique is also something that comes with time. So just start with your cheeks at first and every shave add a little more real estate and eventually you will get it!  
At The Classic Edge we believe in giving the best Customer Service anywhere on the World Wide Web. Even with our high call volume we make every effort to make ourselves available for questions not only on email but on the phone as well. Nothing is more frustrating when you cannot even find a website's phone number. When you call us you will not get an answering service but an actual human being. We do not have call waiting in order to give each client 100% of our attention, but if you leave a message you WILL get a call back next business day at the latest.  We cannot thank you enough for visiting our small family run business. Oh and one more thing. Don't forgot our "No questions asked" return policy. Unlike other web stores we do not have a list of all the reasons why we cannot take a return. So if you receive any product that you do not like just send it back. We only ask that you do not shave with a razor for hygienic reasons, but other than that it's all good.  Have a wonderful day from all of us at The Classic Edge!
Metal: O1 Carbon Steel
Blade: Quarter Hollow
Point: Spanish
Scales: Micarta
Origin: USA
Date: 2016

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