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Ivory Handmade Moss Scuttle (Large)

Sara Bonnyman

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Moss Scuttle

       For some time now we have wanted to make the Moss Scuttle available. But before bringing any new products to The Classic Edge, we needed to test it first. We found it to be a winner in all regards. Imagine what men were using 1000 years ago and you have the Moss Shaving Scuttle!  Hand Thrown and made one piece at a time, this rustic shaving accessory is the perfect addition to your Shaving Routine. A very large design, you really feel the weight of this scuttle. But what really catches your attention is the size of the bowl on top, it will literally fit any size brush. So if you have a extra large shaving brush this is the scuttle for you.  Also due to it's robust design you can pour Boiling Water in without having to warm it up with hot tap water first. This is the only scuttle available that you can do this with.  Dimensions: Inner Bowl 3.25"Dia x 1.75" Deep

Each Moss Scuttle is individually hand thrown by potter Sara Bonnyman, then dried, fired, glazed and refired to almost 2300° F  at her studio in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia Canada. 

How to Use your Moss Scuttle:

Step #1 – Fill the Inner compartment and outer bowl of your Moss Scuttle with hot tap water. Place your brush in the upper bowl of the Moss Scuttle and allow this to rest in the water for 3-5 minutes. This opens the bloom of your brush and also allows the Scuttle to warm up. Do what ever you feel like during this time. A few ideas: read the paper, change the blade on your razor or even shower depending on how long you take to shower.

Step #2 – Empty both the interior compartment and the top bowl of the scuttle, and refill only the jacket compartment with hot tap water.

Step #3 – Shake any excess water off your brush and place an index finger tip full of shaving cream either on the end of your brush or in the upper bowl.

You can experiment with how much cream you need depending on the size of Moss Scuttle you own (small or large), the brand and type of cream you’re using, and the size of your brush.

Step #4 – Begin to build your hot lather inside the upper bowl of your Moss Scuttle. If required you can add a few drops of water to help it build.

TIP: dip your finger in the slit for the inside compartment to grab a couple of drops of hot water for your later.

Step #5 – Lather up your face, place your brush back in the upper bowl of the scuttle and press it down so you get as much brush to scuttle contact as possible. This ensures both the lather and your brush stay warm between passes.

Step #6 – Shave!

Step #7 – Re-lather with the beautiful, still hot, lather from your Moss Scuttle and make your second pass.

Step #8 – Repeat Step #7 for as many passes as you need and feel free to lather up and rinse off just because it feels good.

Step #9 – Rinse face, razor, brush and scuttle.

Step #10 – Clean up, and you’re done until tomorrows shave.

Kind Regards,
Phil & Jane

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