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Classic Edge Shaving

Product Code: FreeRe-Hone
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*Current turnaround time is 2-3 weeks

Free Re-Honing

Please Ship to:

The Classic Edge Shaving Store
23 College Avenue, Box 330
Port Rowan, Ontario
N0E 1M0, Canada
From U.S.A and International Countries:
Please Ship to the following address below. On the customs and declaration, please mark a low value of $10.00 and state that this purchase is a "Repair Service" otherwise we will be charged with customs and duties fee. Please do not state the cost of your razor.
The Classic Edge Shaving Store
23 College Avenue, Box 330
Port Rowan, Ontario
N0E 1M0, Canada

       This section is ONLY for those whom purchased their razor from The Classic Edge Shaving Store!  Clients that has purchased any Straight Razor from us and is in need of their FIRST Free Re-Hone, this is how your proceed.  Just purchase this package and the Honing is FREE!  This $8.99 package is designed for us to cover the return shipping charges. So no matter where you are, you will pay a standard Fee of $8.99 which will cover our return packaging and mailing fee's back to you.  Depending where you are, you may get your razor mailed Letter mail or light package.  British Columbia and Alberta Clients get return Letter mail because light package is $18.  We have been sending razors letter mail for 5 years with not a single loss so it is safe. If you would like more costly services just contact us and we will charge you the extra shipping charges.  If you have an extremely rare Straight Razor please Contact Us directly as they are irreplaceable and all the insurance in the world can not get you another one. So we might have to look at some other special shipping options. Please keep in mind that if you are sending a razor from outside of Canada to write that it is in for "REPAIR" on the Customs Paper work otherwise we will be charged Duty which you will have to pay for.  On Customs paper work just write the value of $0 to be safe.  Custom's paper work is not connected to your insurance.  Clients have taught me overtime that sending in your razor through Lettermail is safe and saves you are the troubles of sending it small package, it goes through customs without a hitch. Just keep in mind that you should protect the razor with cardboard on each side of it and put the razor inside a Zip-Lock Bag to protect it from water.  

        Just a reminder that this section is not for new clients wanting to get their razors honed that they purchased else where. For that please go to Straight Razor Sharpening Service .  FREE Re-Honing Service never is "Sold Out" like the other section. This is to insure our clients get taken care of first each and every time no matter how busy we are. We are a small family run business and do our best to make our clients happy and go that extra mile anytime that we are able.  Have a great day and thank you for your  Loyalty!


**Please make sure to send it in a bubble envelope or small box which ever you prefer. Also include a small note with your name, number, address and the Order ID # for the razor you have purchased from us. 

Kind Regards,
Phil and Jane
The Classic Edge Shaving Store

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