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Merkur 20C Black Handle Double Edge Safety Razor


Product Code: MK-20011
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Merkur Safety Razor

The Merkur 20C has an unusual, deeply grooved, high quality, almost sculpted black anodised aluminium handle that feels just right in the hand. The handle is 95 mm long which is perfect for those with large hands or prefer a longer version of the 30C which has a shorter handle that is 75mm. The handles on both the 20c and the 30c are topped off with a chrome plated metal knob with the Merkur logo which is an excellent counter-weight to the head. Merkur Safety Razors are known for giving smooth, close, comfortable shaves and this razor is no different.

Compatible with all Safety Razor Blades including Feather, Merkur and Wilkinson Sword.

*Includes one sample Merkur Blade

Weight: 2 oz / 58 g
Handle Length: 3 1/8" / 8 cm
Made in Solingen, Germany

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