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Boker Solingen Loom Strop

Böker Solingen

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Boker Solingen Loom Strop

Made from the finest Russian leather, this beautiful two-sided adjustable sharpening strop is the perfect strop for Stropping your straight razors. One sided is coated with Red fine sharpening paste. Total length of this adjustable strop 13.4 inches, working area 7.48 x 1.57inches. This is perfect for travel due to it's size. If you are looking for a strop to use Stropping Abrasives with, this is perfect. It already comes with Red fine stropping paste on the one side which is very similar to Chromium Oxide. So if you are just starting to loose that "Shave Ready" feel just do 10 light passes to bring back that sharpness you want and need.  We do not recommend that you use this abrasive on a regular basis as over use will round off your edge and cause your razor to dull prematurely. 

Useful length: Approx. 7.48" Width: 1.57"

Total Length: 13.4"  

Made in Solingen, Germany

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