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The Evolution Strop


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The Evolution Strop
We have designed the Evolution strop to be a companion to our Professional Strop. The Professional being a Classic Edge exclusive and is a flexible every day strop made to look at home in any room in your house.
The Evolution is a rigid, no frills hardwood strop that is 3” wide and has two 16” long stropping surfaces. It is intended to be used after honing your razors and will bridge the gap between your final water stone and the move to leather.
If you are looking to pass the hanging hair test first time every time we believe that is essential after your final water stone, you take some passes on a strop with an abrasive paste like Classic Edge Chromium Oxide.
The first side of the Evolution is made from balsa which can be impregnated with your choice of abrasive. A few strokes on this side will allow you to polish out any micro scratches remaining from your final water stone.
 After wiping off any abrasive residue off your blade with soft tissue you can now proceed to the second side of the strop which features our finest Corium leather. This leather is similar to a very fine suede and has a beautiful draw. Stropping on the Corium will remove any remaining abrasive and will complete the transition.  Our Corium is without question one of the best finishing leathers available.
Note.  Balsa is a very soft wood and prone to bruising. If you do damage your strop, try holding the damaged area over a steaming kettle for a few seconds. This has a 99% chance of making your strop looking like new again.   
Kind Regards,
Phil & Jane

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