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eShave Aftershave Cream (Balm) White Tea


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Eshave Aftershave Cream for Straight Razor and Safety Razor Shaving

There are many awards and Articles for Eshave Products, but that means nothing to be honest. What matters was that I tested this product and was completely blown away by the sent and how much it helps the blade run smoothly across my face. Clients have asked me over and over to make this available starting a year ago and I promised them I would make it available as we cannot buy everything at once. Well after some serious wait time it is finally here and I cannot say enough about this product! I tested this product a few times before writing this review and found it to be cooling and calmed down my buring skin rather quickly. I have very sensitive skin and some aftershaves actually make it worse.  Give it a try and you will be pleasantly surprised.

eShave After Shave Cream, White Tea is our version of After shave balm. Formulated with Shea Butter, it is the perfect finishing touch to leave your skin toned and soft. Our Men's Aftershave Cream will:

- Penetrate your skin quickly and easily when applied after shaving
- Provide a long lasting moisturizing effect for smooth feeling skin 

eShave After shave cream is highly concentrated and well balanced for maximum healing. Contains Vitamin A &E, rich antioxidants for younger looking skin.

After Shave Balm Benefits: Your skin will be perfectly toned and protected all day long.

How to Use:

Apply After Shave with hands on cleaned, shaved face.

A tiny dab only will allow to feel protected, and leave skin smooth all day long

Product Tip: Can be used as a hand cream all year long ! Use After Shave Almond on dry hands during the Winter !

Shave Tip: Before applying After Shave, splash clean face with cold water to close pores after shaving !

4 oz / 120 g

Made in U.S.A.

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