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Sharpening Stones

Sharpening Stones

Water Stones for Straight Razors

In this area you will find everything you need to make a Straight Razor "Shave Ready"!   We will make an effort to carry any important Brands that will make your job easier. I knew that having Belgian Coticules was very important to the shaving comunity as they are the best natural stone for keeping your Straight Razor "Shave Ready", these stones are truly amazing!  Phil has years of experience and loves to pass on the knowledge of how to make a Straight Razor "Shave Ready".  So if you have questions send him an email, just keep in mind that he gets loads of these requests and is only one man, he'll get back to you as soon as he is able.  Thanks so much for visiting our little website! - Jane

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Boker King Combination Water Stone 800/6000 Grit This professional Japanese waterstone is intende..
Straight Razor Sharpening      If there is one stone a Honemeister cannot do witho..
Naniwa Sharpening Stones The Naniwa Combination Waterstones are good double sided waterstones at ..
Naniwa Sharpening Stones The Naniwa 1000 Grit Super Stones are resin bonded for fast cu..
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Sharpening Stone Holder   This stone holder is designed to fill a gap in the market place..
Synthetic Nagura Stone A nagura stone is used to create a milky liquid called slurry which m..
Zulu Grey Finishing Stone From South Africa we have the Zulu Grey Sharpening Stone that makes the..
DMT Dia-Sharp Bench Stone This 8 inch DiaSharp Extra  Course 220Grit Continuous Diamond is t..
Japanese Bench Stone Perfect for setting the bevel on your Straight Razor or using ..
Nagura Japanese Slurry Stone In contrast to European stones made using the same material as the s..
Naniwa 10,000Grit Japanese Water Stone This stone is my go to stone!  Everyone gets caught u..
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Naniwa Sharpening Stones The Naniwa 3000 Grit Super Stones are resin bonded for fast cu..
Mini Sharpening Steel       The photo does not do this product justice! It is mach..
Japanese Ceramic Waterstone I have spent over 6 months testing this stone with outstanding result..
Naniwa Sharpening Stones The Naniwa 8000 Grit Super Stone does not come with rubber-footed base a..
Naniwa Sharpening Stones The Naniwa 12,000 Grit Super Stones are resin bonded for fast ..
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DMT Credit Card Sharpener - A.K.A Slurry card! Take your sharpening anywhere with the ready-to-go..
DMT Dia-Sharp Bench Stone   This 8 inch DiaSharp Continuous Diamond is the ultimate diamo..
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Sharpening Stone Holder       These stone holders are simple yet so helpful. Not o..