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Wacker Straight Razors

Wacker Straight Razors

Wacker is a family business has manufactured traditional razors for four generations. In keeping with the company philosophy “Quality, on principle” each work step is carried out by hand using long-established preparation techniques. 

Committed to the location, all razor blades bear the quality hallmark “Made in Solingen”. The precision of the cutter, trained over decades, combined with a special hardening process guarantees the well-known long-lasting cutting edge, the sharpness and the function of the Wacker straight razors."   

The current production is based on Father and Son only.vThe father, Heribert Wacker (77years), is grinding razors since he was just 14 years old and he has continued to do so for 63 years. In this time all known companies have been his customers and many of that exits no more today. 

They produce the razors only the traditional way. All the hollow & quarter ground razors are grinded as "belly hollow". This kind of grinding is the original style of the "first class" razor, made in Solingen since the early 19th century.

NOTE: Wacker Straight Razors are currently on order and some can take up to 1 year for availability. We will do our best to stock these razors as soon as possible. Thank you!

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