Nagura Japanese Slurry Stone

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In contrast to the European stones made using the same material, these unique Nagura Japanese Slurry Stones are made to compliment no one sharpening stone; instead, they boast themselves as the perfect match for all stones!

Incredibly effective in their role as accompanying stones, these wonderful Nagura Slurry Stones effortlessly help you manage the wear of your sharpening stones, ensuring you get the best sharpening experience possible!

Remember, when you sharpen your knife or straight razor, it is inevitable that some amount of carbon will be left behind; an unfortunate side-effect of honing that can plug up the pores in your sharpening stone, and making it considerably less effective. Meant to be rubbed on your hone in order to create a slurry, these Nagura stones help remove that unwanted residue, essentially cleaning that stone in order to help bring new material to the surface. 

Approximate Size: 2.25" x 1.75" x 1"

Note: these slurry stones are a natural product, so some size variation will occur; no stone is 100% identical to any other! Tiny hairline cracks or imperfections can sometimes be visible along the edges of the stone; this is perfectly normal for such a brittle material, and has no influence on the effectiveness of the stone.

Made in Japan